Mission Statement

About Katie

Playful Pups is dedicated to helping you and your dog lead happy and fulfilling lives by offering the services dogs need most; daily walks so dogs can explore their world and work off their pent up energy and training so that you and your dog can build a relationship of trust, respect and love.

Katie Roppolo has had a passion for dogs all her life, but it wasn't until she went through training classes with her new puppy that she realized she wanted to make a career out of working with dogs.  After working at a dog daycare, Katie got a job with PetSmart and became an Accredited Pet Training Instructor.  She loved working with people and their dogs, helping them to create a happy relationship based on trust and respect.  Always wanting to expand her dog training knowledge, Katie also enrolled in and graduated from Animal Behavioral College as a Certified Dog Trainer.  She left PetSmart to focus on building a business centered around fulfilling the needs of dogs and their owners.

Katie currently lives in Valatie with her husband, three dogs, cats and many birds.